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The range of Umeeco features


Relying on a library of plugins independently developed by third-party developers often results in feature conflicts and performance impacts on your website. Troubleshooting is also difficult due to no single technical point of contact that has knowledge of your system.

That’s why Umeeco features are developed alongside the core Umeeco platform and undergo thorough testing before being released. This approach ensures features in Umeeco are tightly integrated, performant and stable.

Included Features


Product Management

Umeeco easily manages diverse product sets, product variations and categories or be designated as accessories for other products. Products can have different product pricing, sales copy and item availability for different customer groups (catering for resellers or VIP clients for example) and/or geographic regions.

Complex Product Structures

We have extended our underlying product data structures to allow for an extensible set of product variations. Products are no longer restricted to features like size, colour, length etc, nor are they required to all have the same structure.

Umeeco now has the ability to create a list of custom combinations of these features with rules applied. This allows you to give your customers the ability to build their own products as they shop, by selecting various, valid features.

Dynamic Pricing

Umeeco’s extensive pricing features allow you to set multiple types and tiers of pricing. You can determine pricing depending on the customer or use dynamic pricing if you have a flat percentage membership club. The product’s pricing can also be determined for the user based on their region.

Umeeco also has extensive support for coupons and promotions both simple and very complex.

CMS Visibility

When creating a product, the CMS will give the administrator feedback if the product has any issues before publishing. Umeeco can set these rules on what makes a valid product (e.g. must have image and price) to minimise errors when creating and publishing products.

Multiple Product Details Page Templates

Based on Umeeco client requests, we have introduced the ability to have multiple product detail page templates.

Traditionally websites tend to have one page template for all products and this covers the majority of needs, however, we understand that there are times a specific product needs to be shown in a different way, so we made it possible.

Brand Support

Umeeco offers the ability to display brands separate to categories and then enable brand specific filtering for your users to easily find the brand they are looking for.


Badges may be added to products to highlight product characteristics, for example, New, Sale or Exclusive product badges. They can be assigned to specific products or categories, all products, products on sale or products matching a specific promotion. Product badges are displayed on the product list screens and/or the product detail screens as a product image overlay or displayed alongside product information.


Umeeco supports multiple system integrations and has a proven track record of integrating with suppliers. The system can handle:

  • Bulk product/category/brand imports

  • Bulk stock updates as well as real time stock updates

  • Member and order importing and exporting

  • Real time vs batched integration models

  • Feed generation

  • Trigger based actions

  • Freight aggregation connectors

  • Analytics connectors

  • Loyalty/gift card payment option connectors

  • Credit card payment gateways

  • Bulk store location or stockist imports

Some examples of these third party product integrations include: 

  • GTM

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Trusted Stores

  • Ubertags

  • VWO

  • Abtasty

  • Criteo

  • ChannelAdviser

  • Bazaarvoice

  • Inside.tm

  • BPoint

  • Advam

  • Egate

  • Eway

  • Masterpass

  • GeoIP

  • MailChimp

  • PayPal

  • Datatools address validation

  • Commerce connector

Order Management

Order Lead Generation

Order lead generation puts customers in contact with one of your sales representatives. 

You may have complex products with highly variable or customised pricing which needs intervention by a salesperson. Umeeco can allow the customer build a ‘cart’ and instead of checking out, send an enquiry to you, as a sales lead, containing the product and their contact details. A sales representative can then follow up for a personalised customer experience.

Ariba PunchOut

Umeeco integrates with Ariba PunchOut to provide customised content, personalised shopping experiences and timely content updates. This is great for B2B clients who want to integrate with you directly through Ariba to gain the benefits of Ariba’s invoice and order management without interrupting the user experience of the site by providing real-time access and no limitations on your catalogue.

Order Approval Workflow

Umeeco’s automated workflow allows a user to create an order, a supervisor is then notified to log in to approve and complete the order.


Configure freight for customers using their country, state, postcode, maximum order value, minimum order value, region, fulfilment method and assembly type to determine the price they should pay for shipping.

Integration Support for External Providers

Already have your own freight provider? Umeeco can easily hook up to most freight providers including Australia Post, DHL and more!


Requirements and Reward Structure

Umeeco promotions operate on a requirement and reward structure, if you meet the requirement you are eligible for the reward. Requirements include having a cart value threshold or combinations of products in your cart. Reward types can include:

  • Free freight

  • Dollar or percentage cart discount

  • Dollar or percentage off specified products

  • Discount for combination of cart items (for example, buy one, get one 50% off)

  • Add a special item to the cart (for example buy three items and get bonus gift)

Conditions and exclusions can also be added to the promotion. Some examples could be:

  • Customer type (guest vs member)

  • Customer group

  • Cart coupon

  • Exclude specific products and categories from cart requirements

Rules Based Promotions Engine

Umeeco has for a long time supported basic promotions. This has been taken to the next level with the creation of the promotions engine, This allows you to create a large array of promotions without being concerned which promotion offers your customers the best value.

The promotions engine runs through thousands of promotions in real-time, to determine the best deal for the customer, whilst ensuring promotions don’t overlap. The customer is then offered the best possible deal.

Catalogue Promotions

Umeeco provides an easy way of setting up a sale for a large number of products, for example, a percentage discount can be applied across categories of products whilst excluding particular products.

Cart Upsell / Gamification

In the cart, progress bars can be added with calls to action for customers to achieve rewards. For example, indicating to a customer that they are a certain dollar value off free freight. Item level call to actions can also be added so the customer can achieve rewards. Deal builders can also be added to your site as a visual way of allowing the customer to add promotion products to their cart in one easy step.

Umeeco Search

Learning Search

The Umeeco Search engine is based on Apache Solr extended with many effective features. As a learning search engine Umeeco Search runs in the background, monitoring user searches and refinements and display the most accurate results. The search engine learns from user interactions for example, if a user searches for “chair” then refines this to “stool” then next time the results for "chair" results will include “Did you mean ‘stool’. Umeeco Search will automatically generate the ‘People also searched for’ category from popular search refinements and ‘Search suggestions’ from popular searches made on the site. Following a user’s search, products the user views, adds to their cart and purchases are tracked to boost the weight of the products for the particular search term.

Search Result Merchandising

Administrators can override search results for specific search queries to explicitly include or exclude certain products.

User Query Replacement

The search engine has the ability to silently replace a customer's search with another search phrase to return more useful results.

Search Keyword Negation

When a user searches for a term, the administrator has the control to remove results containing another term. For example, when a customer searches for “gloves” you could remove the any results containing “wool” if you didn’t want wool gloves to appear in the search.

Content Management

Empowering CMS

We are constantly looking for ways to make authoring pages easy. Our Layout Editor helps content editors visualise and tweak the pages they are authoring while giving them a large amount of flexibility to control the layout.

Our primary goal is to enable administrators and CMS editors to self-serve and build the pages and functionality they need without requiring a developer. To that end, we are continually adding CMS widgets to the library based on client and user requests.

Layout Editor

Unlike other CMSs that only give a single area to enter your content and being unable to layout your page, Umeeco’s system provides a row and column based layout editor allowing far greater control over your page layout.

Elements such as text content, tabs, accordions, content rotators/carousels, menus, coupon entry, galleries, highlighted content, tiles and pre-created widgets can be added using this drag and drop style editor.

The editor automatically makes your content responsive to all devices, however, you can toggle individual elements on and off for each display if you so desire.

Pre-Created Widgets

Content and functionality needed to be added to multiple pages can be created in one place and used throughout the website. These include:

  • Product List

  • Product Rotator (e.g. products from categories, products from brands, recommended products, etc.)

  • Product Filter widget (brand carousels, dropdowns for filters, product search) for filtering product lists

  • Custom Forms

  • Layout Editor widget

Smart Pages

Umeeco’s pages have many features built into them, you can create hierarchical page templates, pages created from templated will remain linked for easy maintenance. Pages can be cloned to create a duplicate to save time creating similar pages. 

Versioned Content

A page can contain multiple content versions, these can be used for drafting content changes of for publishing different content to different users, regions or in different time windows. 

Customer Grouping

Umeeco has the ability for administrators to create groups and then assign customers to those groups. This feature allows you to deliver tailored content to a specific customer group and not to others.

An example of this would be wholesale customers, retail customers and guests. Umeeco groups support group pricing and product availability, group based content and group based promotions.

Hierarchical Regional Content

Regionally driven content allows customers, based on their geographic location, to be served content specifically targeted for that region. This includes promotional content, banners, products and even pricing. Simply define the regions and assign the relevant content.

Customise your emails

Reflect your brand in your system managed emails by editing the content either through plain text or fully with HTML and CSS to curate a fully branded experience from beginning to end.

Customise system managed emails, edit the plain text of these emails or edit them fully with HTML and CSS.

Engage with a blog

Umeeco has full blogging functionality including categories, tags, comments, authors and attribution, attachments, featured images and archives. You can also add products that relate to the blog article and create customisable URLs for SEO and flexibility. There is also RSS feed support.


An events module allows administrators to add event listings to the website, completely driven from the CMS.

In-house menu editor

Built responsive simple and mega menus in a flash. System menus (top menu, main menu, etc.) can be easily edited or you can create your own for use within pages. Menu items can be linked to pages, categories, automatically generated landing pages or external links.

Mega Menus

Umeeco’s extensive mega menus excel at configurable displays of featured content, header and footer menu content and specification of menu and featured content width.

Form Builders

If you need a new form, the Umeeco form builder allows you to create your own custom forms, publish them and deliver the data captured in the form.


Detail Management

Manage the details of your members through our simple administrative back end. Worried about privacy? All of your member’s sensitive details are protected and only the highest level admin can access them.

Troubleshoot for customers

The Umeeco platform allows admins to login to the website as particular users allowing you to provide exceptional customer service. All the while the admin will be prompted they are impersonating the user so you won’t forget.


Step Driven or Express

Umeeco offers a customisable step driven checkout that can be anything from a single page to a virtual single page with steps. If that’s not for you, you can take advantage of our express checkout options.

Payment Support

Umeeco supports a multitude of payment options including direct payment methods, split payments, and redirect based on payment methods. Umeeco also supports a secondary checkout for purchasing specific items such as gift cards.


Umeeco offers coupons for various types of cart interactions including, free freight, dollar or percentage discount off cart total or as a means of activating a promotion e.g. the coupon allows the user access to a promotion). You will have the ability to change coupons to be conditional to guests, all members, specific members or a minimum order threshold.

Integration with coupon generators and coupon validation systems is supported by Umeeco.

Validated for Security

Customers addresses can be validated through Australia Post with the ability to add in other complex validations based on business rules or any other address validation services. This can be done either on the server or client side.

Delivery and Assembly Options

Umeeco lets you show customers different assembly types and fulfillment methods. For example, whether the item is assembled vs. flat packed, whether an item is delivered or needs to be picked up from the store.

Asynchronous & Real Time

Umeeco’s checkout is asynchronous and fast and allows for customers to edit their cart items without refreshing the page. The checkout also supports real-time stock checks and decision so overselling does not occur.

Loyalty Programs

An inbuilt Loyalty System and points engine allows you to allocate points to customers based on purchases, they can then redeem the points against loyalty rewards products you configure. Customers can keep track of their points and browse the products on offer at any time.

Mobile App Extensions

Mobile apps are effortlessly supported through the Umeeco API, allowing a large array of app functionality to be developed and integrated into your ecommerce store or order workflow.

More Features!

Google Maps

Add your stores/warehouses/showrooms to your website along with details with embedded Google Maps.

Site Notifications

Add dismissible notifications to your site to alert users of maintenance, issues, short term sales and more. These can easily be added or removed through our backend interface.

Cache Management (on request)

Umeeco uses a lot of caching of data to ensure the site and all of its components are up to date. Cache management gives you greater control and visibility over this caching and allows you to prompt the system to clear particular caches. Just noticed that an admin has entered the wrong pricing for a product? Updating the pricing and user cache management to clear the relevant caches and the correct data will get to your users ASAP.

Task Management (on request)

Umeeco allows you check the status of and execute scheduled tasks manually. If you would like this feature, please request it when enquiring about Umeeco.

Admin User Management

Umeeco has a hierarchical permissions editing system in place so website administrators can be allocated certain or limited tasks on the ecommerce system.

Favourites and Shopping Lists

Allow your customers to create Favourite and Shopping Lists so they can easily find products they want to buy later or re-order past purchases. Through the account area, customers can then edit their lists by adding or removing items.

Activity Tracking

Analytics are built into the Umeeco platform so that you can track all views and interactions on your website through the admin area.

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