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Why Umeeco?

Flexible and powerful: the benefits of using Umeeco

Tailored to your needs


As well as impressive base functionality and an extensive library of features and integrations, Umeeco can be customised to work the way your business works. New features can be up and running much faster than larger systems and the Umeeco team combines world-class development practices with agility and a personal touch.

Partner directly
with us

Umeeco clients have a direct relationship with the people who develop and support the core platform for their online business. Our service delivery does not depend on resellers and consultants. This direct link to the vendor allows Umeeco clients to influence new product features and gain direct access to developers for support.

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is Key

Umeeco has inbuilt integration with leading suppliers of ERPs, CRMS, Accounting Systems and Payment Gateways. What makes Umeeco stand out is the ability for the development team to build custom integrations for systems not already included in the product. Already Umeeco has been extended to suit highly customised and bespoke applications in use by our clients.

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Umeeco is one platform for all your retail and wholesale needs. Umeeco has you covered with a system that handles all sides of your business. Extensive account features for staff and customers are built into the core product.

Secure and Safe


Security is considered at the core of the platform architecture and is the basis of all enhancements and extensions developed onto the platform. The platform is developed in accordance with industry governed security standards for encrypted communications and OWASP development practices.

All major releases and upgrades are penetration tested using industry standard tools before release. Our development processes are regularly independently audited and we continue to hold a ISO9001 certification.

Security at
the core

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